Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environmental Policy and Social Responsibility (CSR)

1. Environmental The Company is committed to operating environmentally friendly businesses that comply with environmental and regulatory laws, as well as to streamline production processes and environmental management systems.

2. Safety and Occupational Health It is the basic responsibility of the company and is a key factor in the success and growth of the organization. The Company requires all employees to work under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations.

3. Conservation of resources We value the use of resources in an economical and cost effective way. By implementing regulatory compliance regulatory measures.

4. Social Community The Company recognizes that society is an important mechanism to help drive the Company's business to remain and grow steadily. The company has set a CSR plan for community and society in parallel with the operation.

Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment Policy

1. The company holds the safety of work is the responsibility of everyone.

2. The company will support every means to ensure safety in work.

3. The company requires all supervisors to be responsible for the safety of their subordinates and to strictly follow the strict safety regulations.

4. The Company encourages its employees to be trained to improve their work skills in order to practice safely.

5. The company will comply with safety laws and standards of work.

6. The company requires the contractor or contractor company to be responsible for safeguard

7. The company will work on safety at work. Improved workplace security and ongoing follow-up.

8. The Company will increase the channels of safety communication for employees at all levels.