dhavi is the brand made up of a series of natural cosmeceutical products developed by BIC Chemical Co. Ltd. Our innovative research work is original and has received international intellectual property certification. Our research was supported and overseen by the government and leading universities in Thailand. We produce cosmetics, beauty products, and food supplements that meet & exceed international standards.

The focus of what BIC Chemical Co., Ltd. under the brand DHAVI is to do, is to continually develop and produce “Effective skincare and cosmetics products derived from nature”. From upstream to downstream research is used to refine extracts and isolate key constituents. BIC Chemical is experienced and well equipped for

- Research
- Quality Control
- Extraction
- Assortment
- Production
- Distribution

Born as a quality product Forward to consumers until our cosmetic product line Consisting of

- Dhavi Red Jasmine Rice extract
- Dhavi Black Purple Rice extract
- Dhavi Kwao Krua extract
- Dhavi Sangyod Rice extract
- Dhavi Thai silk Fibrion extract

As BIC Chemical has long experience producing pharmaceutical products for almost 15 years, we are proud to work with the local farmers and help develop Thailand into a world leading producer of natural products including cosmetics. Dhavi’s cosmetic line is produced under the strictest standards of GMP COSMETIC, ISO 22716:2007 with a complete research facility and R&D team. We are committed to innovate and develop our products and services to the highest quality.

We therefore offer products with unique features Which selects the use of quality raw materials And there is a product quality guarantee