The Feed Facility under our sister company, JBF CO., LTD. which operates business as an animal feed supplier with a full range of animal feed including Livestock feed, Aqua feed and Pet food under the brand names JBF, Select Feed, and JUMBO Feed also manufacturing and distributor of feed ingredients include Roasted soybeans, Fermented soybean meal, extruded corn, broken-milled rice extruded, Chaff mill

Originally founded in 2006 under the name of Green Miller Co., Ltd. and changed its name to JB Filling Co., Ltd. in 2007. Then, in 2010, the company started the construction of a feed mill at Kamphaengsaen. Nakhon Pathom, to meet the needs of more customers. Production started with the selection of quality raw materials from reliable sources and tested by standard laboratories with NIR, UHPLC for Amino Acid Profile Analysis, MP-AES for heavy metal analysis. Plus, with the nutritional care of animals. And cost management. To be appropriate and profitable for animal farmers. Production uses Post Grinding, as well as imported equipment, machinery, and technology. Reusable Osmosis Water System

As well as advanced production process management. Environmentally friendly under green factory policy and designed in accordance with GMP / HACCP standards. The production and quality management system of ISO 9001: 2008 allows us to control the quality and price of raw materials. This includes the cost of animal feed that will be marketed under market fluctuations and will help offset the cost of smallholder farmers production costs. It also focuses on creating value and satisfaction through quality products and services both domestically and internationally. To ensure that our products are safe products. Excellent quality And fair price

Production Capacity Per Month
Livestock Feed
Ton / Month
Aqua Feed & Pet Food
Ton / Month
Fullfat Soy
Ton / Month
Fermented Soybean Meal
Ton / Month
Extruded Corn and Extruded Broken Rice
Ton / Month
Rice Hull - Feed Carrier
Ton / Month